Feel stronger

At Anandam Retirement Community, your physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and vocational well-being can thrive. Our signature wellness program, embraces all six areas of wellness to promote a healthy and happy you. It’s inspiring. It’s supportive. It’s motivating. It’s full of choices. It’s fun. You’ll feel so energized, that even a bunny won’t stand a chance.

At Anandam Retirement Community , you’ll have choices in equipment, exercise programs, classes and more. Whether you like yoga, pool exercise, or yoga, we’ve got a class for you. Or join a walking or hiking club and find others with your same interests. Like to work out at your own pace? No problem. Team up with an instructor to create your own customized training routine, utilizing any of the senior wellness programs.

We also focus on your intellectual wellness and social and emotional well-being. You can attend a seminar or learn a new language. Join a book club, or the resident council. We can even help you become a volunteer or mentor so you can contribute your skills and knowledge to others in your community.

Our program truly is all about energy. Isn’t it always true that when you’re engaged and energized, in body and mind, you feel better? We sure think so. And we’ve seen it in action every day at our communities.