Apollo-Tele-Health Services

Apollo Hospitals, the most trusted brand in the health care segment has been roped in as the health care partner at the township for the benefit of all residents of the Anandam Retirement Community. Qualified staff is already present in the medical center on campus. Health checkups are conducted in the township on regular basis.
Our Services

Primary Care Consultations
Tele Neuro Sessions
Specialty Care Consultations
Tele Geriatric Sessions
Tele Gyneac Sessions
Tele Cardio Sessions

Add On Services

In Clinic Services-Doctors, Nurse, Paramedic etc.
Care @ Home
Chronic Disease Management
Health Camps
Health Check-ups
Wellness and Risk Factors
Detailed Periodic Report
Monthly Health Reminders
Preventive Health Care Services


Reduction in the need to transfer patients to a site of medical expertise.
Decrease in the relocation of medical specialists to the patients location.
Decrease in the number of days spent in hospital.
Better organized and less costly health care.
More efficient and effective use of medical and technological resources.
Tele consultation Second Opinion.
Better Hospital connect and better acceptance levels
Build trust & relation with Medical experts
Post Hospitalization Counseling
Post Hospitalization Follow-up & reviews
Apollo Tele Health Services
Medical Centre