Griha Pravesh

The Vastu pooja for the Gods of Vastu is performed before the actual entry into the house. A copper pot is filled with water, navadhanya (nine kinds of grains) and a one rupee coin. A coconut is then placed on the top of the pot. The coconut is adorned with the red cloth and tied with the red thread called moli. After this the priest performs the pooja, along with the owners who will then take the copper pot into the house together and place it near the havan (ceremonial fire). It is a form of Prasad. One of the meanings of 'Prasad' is the excess of God, what God does not need and therefore leaves over for the devotee. This is the principle of all the offerings that are made to the many Gods of Hinduism

The House will be decorated with flowers, Rangoli, Balloons, etc., and the ceremony will begin with a mother cow and her calf being brought to the front side of the house at certain time, which will be specified by the Pooja Iyer. All the Gods are said to reside in the cow and the ceremony begins with a Go Puja or worship of the cow done on the threshold of the house. The God Ganesh and the Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati are said to reside on the threshold and they are especially honoured at this point.

This first pooja honours the threshold guardians and they 'guard' the house, preventing any negative or evil forces from entering.

This is the fire pit constructed for the occasion. It is the centre of the YAGYA or Sacrificial ritual for the Griha Pravesha. It is into this fire that all the sacrifices are ritually offered. The Homa or sacrificial fire pit will be built using bricks and sand, right in the middle of living room.
The pouring of ghee into the sacred fire with a ladle made out of bamboo wrapped with a leaf of a plant. The offering of ghee is an essential part of nearly every Vedic ceremony

Traditional Meal Feast
This ceremony is not complete without the feeding of those who live without a home- the Sadhus or those whose 'home' is everywhere. The Sadhus are the ancient order of religious renunciates who live in abundance around the sacred areas. We can invite a few of them for the meals as it is a tradition in this ceremony.
Traditional South Indian meal will be served on a banana Leaf.

The Entire process takes about 2 to 4 hours and it has to be done only on certain timings and occasions as per our Pooja Iyer consultation.

The Actual Package costs Rs 9500/- + Taxes

*** Meals will be charged at Rs 150/- plus taxes per person ***

***The above said packages will attract service tax of 14.5% of the total amount***