Service Charges

Service Charges

Front Office/Concierge

Various services like paying bills, recharging, shopping for individuals etc., will be charged at Rs 25 per service.

House Keeping

All facilities under housekeeping will be charged at Rs 150/- per hour for the first hour and it will be charged on time frame of 30 minutes per unit with a cost of Rs 100 per unit.

Assisted Living

All medical related assistance will be charged at Rs 125 per hour if attended by a qualified Nurse and Rs 100 per hour if attended by a professional Maid.


Using of Company owned/managed Vehicle outside the site will be charged at Rs 10 per Km while travelling and Rs 50 per hour as waiting charge.

Laundry Service

All laundry service provided by BRMSPL will be charged at Rs 50 per load for washing with a cloth limit up to 5kg per load and RS 8 per item for pressing.

Note: If dyed cloths to be washed separately, then prior information should be given and charges will be calculated as separate load.
All cloths will be washed separately from linen (i.e. bed sheets, blankets, pillow covers, curtains, towels etc) and will be counted as separated load.
Room Service

Room service of food and beverage will be provided as per request of order from the room service menu placed in the villas. Room service will be charged at Rs 25 per order.


Maintenance of the landscape and pot plants are charged at 30 minutes unit with a time frame of Rs 75/- per Unit.

Car Washing

Cleaning Service of the car will be provided at Rs 500/- for Small cars, Rs 700/- for Mid-Size Cars and Rs 1000/- for Big Cars per month.

Pest Control

Pest control will be provided at Rs 900/- for 1BHK, 1500/- for 2BHK, 2000/- for 3BHK at as and when needed basis.

Purchase and Supplies

Our purchase team will be available twice a week to do the necessary purchases on behalf of the guests. Resident has to submit the list on the previous evening. The purchased goods will be delivered to their respective villas the following day. Rs 25/- per order (per department) will be charged as a service charge towards the service.